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Need something? You can contact us directly by emailing buy.nsw@customerservice.nsw.gov.au or calling 1800 679 289.

Please email us at buy.nsw@customerservice.nsw.gov.au if you are having a problem with your account or would like to report a site error.

What is buy.nsw?

buy.nsw is a procurement platform being developed by the NSW Department of Customer Service and NSW Treasury. We aim to make buy.nsw the single procurement platform for all NSW Government.

What is the buy.nsw Supplier hub?

The buy.nsw Supplier Hub is a place for NSW Government buyers and suppliers to connect. We publish a supplier list that buyers can use to find suppliers that meet their needs.

On the Supplier hub, registered buyers can:

  • Search the supplier list for registered suppliers
  • View supplier profiles in detail, including due diligence documents, case studies and references, as well as membership to government contracts and schemes
  • Find a specialist supplier
  • Engage with diverse suppliers, such as
    • A supplier identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander owned or operated
    • A supplier that is identified as Australian Disability Enterprise
    • A small business or start-up
    • A small business or start-up
  • Make contact with a supplier

I’m buyer. Do I need to register for the buy.nsw Supplier hub?

Buyers don’t need to register to browse the supplier list, or use NSW Government procurement systems, but to see supplier profiles in detail you will need to register.

Signing up as a buyer will allow you to browse our list of registered suppliers in full detail.

Registration as a buyer is quick and easy. Al you’ll need to provide is your employment and contact information. Register as a buyer now.

Who will see that I am registered?

Only our support team, policy officers and senior management can be granted access to your data. Suppliers will not have access to your contact details until the time that you choose to engage them. To understand more on how your data is used, please refer to our Privacy statement, or contact us if you have any concerns.

Is my information shared with suppliers?

No, suppliers have no visibility of your data as a registered buyer, until the time that you choose to engage them.

What is my due diligence in engaging a supplier?

While we validate that suppliers are eligible to register to sell, NSW Government buyers must still complete appropriate due diligence based on the value and type of procurement being undertaken, To better understand your responsibilities, refer to our buyer guidance.

Does the buy.nsw Supplier hub replace the need for eTendering?

No, the Supplier Hub is the place for suppliers to register, create an account and build a profile. All other activities including creating and advertising an opportunity, managing a scheme and disclosing contracts will remain on eTendering. You can use the Supplier Hub to gather information about suppliers that will help you determine which approach is best suited to your circumstances.

Often, how you approach a supplier will depend on the type of transaction. For smaller transactions, you may be able to enter into an agreement without the need to go to market. For larger transactions, you will still need to go to market in most instances. Please contact the procurement team in your organisation for guidance specific to you.

Find out more about how to approach the market.

Can anyone register to use buy.nsw?

No, only NSW Government employees and eligible non-government buyers can register to use the Supplier hub.

Non-government buyers must seek a government representative to assist with procurement transactions before entering into a contract through our network. If you need further advice, please email the NSW Procurement Service Centre or call 1800 679 289 during business hours.

How can I resolve an issue with a supplier who is listed on the Supplier hub?

For government employees, please refer to your department’s risk officer or legal counsel. They will help you to review the contract criteria, requirements and suppliers’ obligations.

If you require further assistance, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre by email on nswbuy@treasury.nsw.gov.au or by calling 1800 679 289, who can either provide advice or refer you to a subject matter expert.

For eligible non-government buyers, you will need to advise the government procurement officer you have established contact with and seek external legal advice to resolve the matter.

I have more feedback, how can I contact you?

We welcome user feedback, please contact us if you’d like to report an issue or recommend a change.

As an agile development team, we are always looking for users willing to test the buy.nsw platform. You can join our testing panel testing panel.