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SCM4721 Subsidence Advisory NSW Independent Assessment Prequalification Scheme


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Managed NSW Department of Customer Service
Type Whole of government


Scheme ID SCM4721
Scheme owner Kim Williams
Start date:

13-Oct-2017 12:00 AM

End date:

31-Dec-2023 11:59 PM


Subsidence Advisory NSW outsources the claims assessment process. Opportunities exist for providers to deliver services to community members whose properties may have been affected by mine subsidence damage. Service providers are required in the following construction and professional services fields: Building Inspector and Estimator, Civil Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geotechnical Engineering, Property Valuer, Quantity Surveying, Rail Engineer, Structural Engineering, Surveyor, Utility and Asset Locating Consultant. Following stakeholder feedback, the NSW Government agreed that using private sector service providers to assess claims for possible damage resulting from mine subsidence would increase efficiency and transparency of the claims compensation process. The scheme provides Subsidence Advisory NSW access to a pool of diverse, quality service providers with relevant expertise to assist in the delivery of high quality results in mine subsidence claims management.


Subsidence Advisory NSW is the NSW Government agency responsible for supporting property owners living in areas where subsidence from underground coal mining may occur.
Subsidence Advisory NSW is the peak regulatory body for mine subsidence compensation, has established a case management system where individual case managers are assigned to property owners to ensure they are treated fairly throughout the compensation process.
All claims will be lodged with Subsidence Advisory NSW through the Portal allowing property owners to have visibility of their claim throughout the process.
Subsidence Advisory NSW's Prequalification Scheme offers a platform for service providers to tender for provision of assessment services to government agencies.
The pool of prequalified service providers will provide assessment expertise and services to assist in the investigation and determination of any potential mine subsidence claims within NSW.
To achieve prequalification, Applicants are required to provide evidence of demonstrated experience within the category/ies nominated and client contact details confirming organisational capability in that type of work.


Applicants must answer all questions in this online application and provide the information requested. Incomplete applications or applications deemed unsatisfactory may be rejected by the Assessment body. Correspondence about the application for prequalification will be sent to the email address that submitted the application. Applicants must identify their area of expertise by nominating their preferred Region/s and Capability categories.
It is recommended that the applicant download and review the scheme documents prior to completing the application. Refer in particular to the “Categories by Region” document which will provide guidance for capability selection.
  • Download the Guidelines for applicants (PDF, 312KB)
  • Download the Scheme Terms and Conditions (PDF, 697KB)
Applicants have the opportunity to apply for work categories relating to investigation and assessment of potential mine subsidence across different regions. It is the applicants responsibility to update their information and re-apply for further capabilities as their experience grows.

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