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SCM0012 TAS - Talent Acquisition Scheme


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Managed The Treasury
Type Whole of government


Scheme ID SCM0012
Scheme owner Audrey Ye
Start date:

01-Jul-2012 12:00 AM

End date:

30-Apr-2028 11:59 PM


SCM12 prequalifies suppliers to source, assess and select talent for NSWG ongoing and temporary roles.


The Scheme facilitates the procurement of services to support the sourcing, evaluating, and selection of talent for temporary and ongoing positions, including executive roles, and governed by Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act).

The Scheme comprises four categories:

  • 1A. Design and Delivery of Assessments
  • 2A. Level 1 - SE Bands 1 and 2
  • 2B. Level 2 - SE Bands 3 and above
  • 2C. Talent Search - Non Executive
  • 3A. Psychometric Tools
  • 4A. Recruitment Technologies

The Scheme is designed to simplify procurement processes for the government and enhance business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, regional businesses, and other suppliers.

It aims to expand contractual arrangements, maximize the available talent pool, and maintain the government's position of leverage in the marketplace while addressing associated risks. The Scheme will continuously adapt to meet stakeholder needs.


The applicant should read and understand the scheme requirements before applying. Visit https://info.buy.nsw.gov.au/schemes/talent-acquisition-scheme for more information.

Each question must be answered according to the pertinent requirements and instructions.

To be qualified to participate in the scheme, trusts must nominate the trustee as the entity for scheme prequalification.

You must present the required insurance certificates that satisfy clause 13 of the scheme regulations' insurance requirements.

Read and understand Schedules 1 to 4 in the Scheme Rule before nominating appropriate capabilities for your business, and submit with the correct form to support your applications to claimed categories in the capability assessment section.

Candidates have been evaluated based on their capabilities in comparison to the NSW Public Sector Capabilities Framework. Look under "Frequently Asked Questions." on the scheme page on info.buy.nsw.

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