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SCM7671 Land and Asset Valuation


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Managed NSW Dept of Planning and Environment
Type Whole of government


Scheme ID SCM7671
Scheme owner Ian McAlister
Start date:

19-Nov-2019 12:00 AM

Start intake date:

19-Nov-2019 9:00 AM

End date:

18-Nov-2024 11:59 PM

End intake date:

18-Nov-2024 5:00 PM


The land and asset valuation scheme is for valuation service providers, both general and specialty, including statutory and financial.


The scheme is a list of prequalified valuation companies that government entities may approach for valuation services. There is no guarantee of receiving requests for quote or any other engagement. Being on the scheme does not remove the need for networking and promotion of your company with individual agencies.

Each individual agency will do their own due diligence during any tender process to ensure compliance with their mandatory requirements along with specific capability evaluation.

All service providers must comply with the:

  • NSW Supplier Code of Conduct available at https://buy.nsw.gov.au/policy-library/policies/supplier-code-of-conduct
  • NSW Government Procurement Policy available at NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework


This scheme is always open for new applicants to apply and existing members to add or remove capabilities.

Small to medium businesses (SMEs), particularly in regional areas, are encouraged to apply for membership of the scheme.

Demonstrated experience with all capabilities can have been gained with either Government organisations or the general public.

These are the 5 broad capability groups:
A) Area – service provider’s can nominate to be available for geographical areas of local knowledge that match their expertise and presence.
B) Land value advisory and objection – service providers will provide valuation services compliant with the Valuation of Land Act 1916. This includes land value objection reviews and other speciality work.
C) Compensation recommendation of determination (for the Valuer General) – provide valuation services compliant with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. A sound knowledge of the “Head of Compensation” and case law is required. Valuations in this group must be defendable in court.
D) Real property and asset valuations - provide valuation services across a variety of valuation and property types including government financial reporting (compliant with TPP14-01) and crown lands (compliant with the Crown Land Management Act 2016). This group covers all valuation and property types not included in the other groups. 
E) Acquisition valuation services (for the acquiring authority) – provide valuation services compliant with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. A sound knowledge of the “Head of Compensation” is required.

Each group is further divided into capabilities, from general valuations to complex. A service provider can apply for any or all capabilities within multiple groups, with suitable experience provided. A full list can be found in the document named "Scheme Capabiity List".

Available documents to review prior to lodging an application (available on this site) are:

  • Scheme Capability list - a full list of groups, regions/areas and capabilities.
  • Term and Conditions – this includes the rules of the scheme and the standard form of agreement (contract) document.
  • Guidelines for applicant
  • Speciality
  • Land Value Objection Standard Specifications
  • Compensation Recommendation of Determination Specifications
  • Real Property Asset Advisory Standard Specifications
  • Acquisition Valuation Services Standard Specifications

Other information that will be requested via a provided template document: (note: read instruction on the document thoroughly)

  • Company profile
  • Financial and legal declaration
  • Key personnel list
  • Provided in a zip file:
  • Experience and capability list – each capability selected online must have an example of when a matching valuation has been completed.
  • Physical example reports as requested (including any that must be provided)

All application will have an initial screening to ensure all documents are completed fully and correctly. Errors will result in the return of the application in full for corrections and result in assessment delays.
All valuation capabilities will be assessed by an appropriately qualified and experienced valuer. Whilst there are minimum requirements to demonstrate experience, providing additional information (physical reports), especially for complex valuation and property types, may be to your advantage.
Each valuation capability group requires at least one physical report sample be provided. There are also some capabilities where a physical report sample must be provided (B04, B06, B12, D07, D10 and E15), ensure these are noted and if required the report is submitted, or the capability will not be approved.
All files provided in the application should be named in a way that identification is easy, especial the physical report samples, which are to include the valuation capability reference number.
For advice prior to lodging an application please contact valuationscheme@dpie.nsw.gov.au 

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